For the observation and and the remote control service are available two different telescopes, both designed expecially for astrophotography and equipped with a dedicated camera.

We are proud to affirm that the T700 Reginato is one of the biggest Newton telescopes in America installed in a public observatory with his aperture of 71 cm.

It is also available an Hi-tech CDK 20 Planewave telescope with an aperture of 50cm and an extremely precise motorized frame.

Type: Newton T700  reflector REGINATO, aperture 28 inches (71cm), focal ratio f/3.1 

Camera: Atik 11000 COLOR

Type: CDK 20 PLANEWAVE, aperture 20 inches (50cm), focal ratio f/6.8

Camera: Moravian G4 9000 with filterwheel LRGB Halpha O III – S II